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While we are experienced in all types of Portrait Photography, School and Sports are our Specialty. Top of the line equipment and software, experienced photographers and support staff, commitment to customer satisfaction and variety of products to fit all budgets are what makes us leaders in this industry in our community. Compare Smile Studio to your current provider and let us know if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you!

Hi-Tech Location Set Up

Our Location Set-up is very unique, hi-tech, dependable system, which includes top of the line digital cameras, powerful computers and background system unlike any other competitor. As soon as the image is captured, it shows up on the screen making it simple to inspect and approve before saving it. Makes retake requests a lot less likely.

Powerful Image/Data Match Software For Successful Picture Day

Great deal of time and resources are invested in research and education to ensure we are implementing the most advanced and most reliable software. Data is collected from School ahead of time, ID cards created for all subjects and as images are saved they are automatically matched with all relevant information depending on school's needs. 


Background System Like No Other

As mentioned before, this Virtual Background System truly gives us an advantage over competition. The background is changed in an instant, without photographer or the subject having to move. This means we are able to capture 5-6 completely different images, from full body to head-and shoulders of any subject in under a minute!

This is not a green screen - the backgrounds are actually projected on a screen behind the subject and saved in the image, allowing plenty of choices without compromising quality.


Background Choices

Implementing the Virtual Background System allows limitless variety of backgrounds. Aside from standard blue, which is always one of the choices, there are no limits when it comes to background choices. We use a new set, season, age and/or occasion appropriate every time around. School can be as involved in choosing the backgrounds as they wish. Best part - custom created backgrounds! We can and will upon request create a unique background to include school colors, logo, crest, image of the school grounds and/or any relevant image or symbol desired.

Amazing Product Line

Once more, trough constant research, we make absolutely sure not only our prints but our entire variety of products available for purchase are of the highest quality possible. Families love the abundance of choices - from the classics like the gallery wraps and mouse pads to trendy items like dry-erase board or phone case. Our Packages are always competitively priced as well as the entire line of a-la-carte choices which offers something for any budget.

Using Smile Studio Comes With Perks

Smile Studio Photography is a small, local company. We understand we compete against huge nation-wide corporations; you are likely using one right now. Even if you are satisfied, allow us to show you we can do better, make school pictures fun, exciting and anticipated experience for everyone.

Small business does not mean non-competitive in this case. We are ready, willing and able to provide things you are already used to, such as Student ID Cards, Yearbook CD's, Admin CD's, Service Strips and/or similar items.

We are also able to negotiate the most appropriate program to fit your needs. Generous and creative ways of fundraising are also negotiable. 

However, our commitment to customer satisfaction is without a match. Our great success is built on consistent quality of service and products. 

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If you are looking to improve on your School or League's photo experience, give us an opportunity to impress you!

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